Hi!  I'm Dallas, the founder and designer behind the brand.

A common thread I kept hearing when I first started to think about creating a clothing brand, is that most people HATE shopping for clothing while pregnant. And I don't blame them. Like many people, ruching, frills, tight or overly feminine clothing has never been something I've ever wanted to wear. Period. One's identity shifts enough in becoming a parent, the least we could have is clothing that is steadfast to our existing style.

We deserve clothing that embraces our identity through our liminal states of being.

This lack in the industry for transitional clothing lead to my desire to bridge a gap found with maternity and non-maternity wear. Wisefolk is maternity friendly, but the wonderful part is that you don’t have to be, or even ever plan to be pregnant to wear this collection. Everything has been carefully designed to fit your body as you are now, but with wiggle room if you evolve into something new!  This truly is clothing for before, during and after…or never at all!

Sustainability. The thought that most maternity clothing has a temporary place in our wardrobe just doesn’t sit right with me. In a world where fast fashion has taught us that clothing is disposable, I want to try my best to be part of the solution. To create beautiful garments of value with quality fabrics that can last through many years, ever-changing trends and, of course, life transitions. My wish is that these pieces will become staples in your wardrobe, and that you will love them more the more you wear them. It is my hope they will move through life's changes with you, and if the day comes when they no longer serve you, may you pass them on to someone who can use and love them.

Designed on Vancouver Island, BC. Wisefolk is produced in small-run batches, and hand-sewn by a small family-run business in Indonesia, with whom I work directly. Because fair-trade and ethical production is sexy. 

Join me on my journey as I continue to create sustainable, responsibly made clothing that is inclusive of the humans who choose to wear it.